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Since a young age, we enjoyed taking photographs, drawing and painting, designing and creating things, images, visual arts… the Visual Arts aided our artistic and creative side expression. After college it became an obsession, but life directs us to build our professional careers and create our own families. As such, people and places photography took a back seat to life, job and family. Finally, as life slows down and time is available again, the obsession became a passion! This is an endeavor we genuinely enjoy and love.  Aristotle said "The aim of Art is to represent not only the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance" We believe MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY is where BOUDOIR, GLAMOUR, PIN-UP, PORTRAIT AND OTHER VISUAL ARTS MEET!  Through our prints and photo books, we invite you to bring bits of VISUAL ARTS  depicting your beauty or the beauty of nature into your life and home. New sessions are available for Boudoir, Glamour, Pin-UP, Portrait, Family and Pets portraits, and field work regularly, so check back often. If you sign up for updates, you will get notified about new projects, prints or books, special sales, unique events, and normal and especial available sessions. We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!

Photography as ART, sharing the BEAUTY OF women, FAMILIES, OUR BELOVED PETS AND PLACES


We are surrounded both by the beauty of interesting people and nature. We use our cameras to document the beauty in people, specially the beauty in women, the world that surrounds us, and the expressions of the faces of humanity. We then compose VISUAL ART IMAGES with a focus on the magic we find in daily life. Our pictures tell stories of art, sensuality, and places.  We are hopeless romantics that believe in the visual arts. We know the feminine form is one of the most attractive ones in nature, with subtle curves of beauty. Artists throughout centuries depicted women’s beauty in multiple forms. Photography is something we enjoy; as form, colors and light, define life through our eyes, and so the Visual Arts depicting womanhood. Whether it is Boudoir, Glamour, Pin-Up or Portrait photography; we at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY enjoy the privilege of giving clients that participate in these photo sessions, the best experience and final product we can possibly offer to them.  We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!



Our goal is to have you feel great, love the experience and the results. We want you to relax, have fun, as we will work the details that will flatter your posing, with our recommendations, ideas, etc… Always keeping positive while photographing pro poses, as well as  candid moments in between photo sessions, we will make you feel strong and empowered!    We can make your session theme interesting: glamorous, sassy, sultry, sexy, teasing, sweet & innocent, playful, artistic,  domineering, or angelical. Whatever you envision, we can most likely do it for you! We provide women with a photographic experience that is like no other.  We put your best interests first, make you feel special, safe, empowered, and well cared for.  We want you to embrace everything you are, and explore anything you desire to be through our unique sensual photo sessions. We know the thrill of the experience with us will remove concerns you may have had about your size, physical shape, age, and looks. We are an experienced team that will make you feel at home. Let out your “inner diva!" 

We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!




We are a photography small team, proud to call S.W. Michigan our home base for over 14 years of photo shooting with great results. We specialize in Boudoir, Glamour, Pin-Up, Motherhood, Family and Pets portraits, and Face-Shot/Head-Shot portraiture. We want to offer new and exciting scenes, and locations to our customers.   

We have a main male photographer -the owner- and additional  female staff for your comfort and peace of mind. We have been photographing since 1990 in other localities in Michigan and in Washington state. 

We will work with you to achieve the most beautiful photographs possible with various photographic technologies and techniques to suit your needs.  

We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!



If required, our team will help you with your hair and make-up (right on site) to make you look your best and feel amazing. 

Previous arrangements must be made for both hair and make up work done by our subs, or you can come as you are - you can always bring your own make up artist or hair specialist.

Our photographic shoot can be sexy or sweet, or of a unique format to provide many other scenes.  We will plan it with you in advance and prepare for it.

Photo shoots may be done even in the comfort of your own home, or a park, Hotel or other venue of your choosing!

We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!



We will will guide you prior to the event on how to bring the right outfits, shoes, the appropriate outfit colors, and type of jewelry for the shoot. 

We will go over posing, step-by-step, prior to taking the photos and during the photo shoot.

We always share some of the photos with you, as we take them (on our cameras or a monitor). We love our work and  put our best efforts in each session. 

We look forward to meeting you and plan your sensual photo shoot. 

We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!

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