What is“Boudoir Photography”:


The word “Boudoir” comes from the French language, and it usually means a beautifully decorated room, where women in the Victorian and romantic eras relaxed, slept, dressed, and entertained. 

Today, “Boudoir Photography” has borrowed the French word, to refer to a style of romanticized, intimate and sometimes erotic images of its photographic customers. This is done in a studio, a bedroom, a private dressing room, a Hotel room, and similar venues where the images are taken. 

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The images are suggestive in nature rather than pure nudity. Sensuality is emphasized thorough the use of special articles of clothing, nightwear and lingerie, plus special lighting and props that set the stage for a more suggestive or erotic image. 

We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!



These images are not for audiences or distribution, but rather are intended for enjoyment of their beauty and grace with the photo shoot subject’s romantic partners. The images are not intended to be seen by others, but rather remain under control of the photos subject. Boudoir photographs at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are made for the sole pleasure of the clients that participate in the experience. 

We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!