The photo shoot, an experience like no other: Decide when you book us for the event, what you want to achieve and get out of this experience. Define you intentions. Consider it like any other none essential expenditure, a luxury for a few times in a lifetime of a woman. remember the vent must be booked at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance, so it fits your and our work agendas. Is this experience a way to boost your self esteem and confidence about who you are? Or is this being done as a gift for a significant other?… or both? Figure out what the purpose and intent is for the project, and what kind of theme you prefer. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want is because you are probably nervous and have doubts “this thing” is for you. No worries, we can guide you to possible alternatives and looks, and backgrounds, and props, etc. Remember, what woman does not want to feel like the most amazingly gorgeous woman in the world? Who doesn’t to want to feel sensual, or sexy? It’s not about what you look like, or whether you think your figure is not suitable for this experience. Any woman’s body or look, can be incorporated into beautiful photo-session with very nice resulting images. You are doing this also for yourself and for your self esteem and confidence. We want you to feel beautiful and strong being who you are, a beautiful woman. Everybody type is beautiful in its own way, and you must realize that in the path of life, whether you are married or not, have kids or not, are tall or short, big or small, petite or older, those adjectives mean nothing, you are you, a beautiful woman. This will be one of the “biggie” decisions in your life, and you confidence and morale will receive a big boost during the experience. At MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY all women are created equal in the eyes of the cameras and the photographer.