What is“Glamour Photography”

The word “Glamour” is the French language version of an old Scottish word ”Gramarye”, then afterwards changed to glamor, and Glamour both originally meaning “magic and enchantment”. Later it changed its meaning to suggest alluring beauty and charm.  

Glamour photography is then a visual art where the subject is portrayed in either erotic or suggestive ways, but not with romanticism in mind. The resulting images can be shown from total nudity to the subject being fully clothed. In general Glamour rather portrays the subject’s make-up, hair styles, or articles of clothing, along with beautiful bodies, and expensive wares, such as high-end products and goods. 


Glamour photography is usually “posed” and many times the subjects are professional or amateur models. The photographs can be used for personal private enjoyment as well as commercial applications and advertising. The basic idea is that subject and/or the goods and wares become appealing to the observer of the images. 


Sometimes glamour photography utilizes special photo techniques and lighting to help portray a dramatic photograph in an unusual setting or situation. Glamour photos at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are meant to allow the general public to have the “model experience” and are for private use unless otherwise prior stipulated. 

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