What is“Portrait photography”: Portrait photography or “Portraiture” (from the French) is a visual art photograph of a person, or group of people, that captures the essence of the subject or subjects. Portraiture can be artistic in nature, can be improved with effective lighting techniques. The origin of the word refers to a figure drawn or painted  and the word came from the Middle French “portret”. It is commonly thought that portraits are of the face or head of a person or group of persons, but portraits can be head and torso and full bodies as well. 

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There are many styles of portraiture, but it is most desirable to catch the subject eyes in great detail with the face in sharp focus and all other details rendered out-of-focus or with a soft-focus. Portraits can show action or activity or not, can also show people in various states of humor, sadness, etc. and can well be just “candid photos” reflecting the personality of the subject.  Some portraits are done for “social significance, family legacy or even for romantic situations. Some portraits can be done away from the studio on site at various locations where the environmental condition permits a special or unusual setting for a portrait. 

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Portrait photos done at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are designed to show the most subtle  expressions of the subject relating to the location where the portrait is taken at. We can also do artistic portraiture as well as specialized studio face only portraiture with emphasis on the eyes. All portraits  are for private use unless otherwise prior stipulated. 

Book us today! We at MAXR PHOTOGRAPHY are here for  YOU!